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Violin making

Pine, maple and ebony: these types of wood have for centuries formed the basis of that acoustic miracle, the violin. The combination of pine for the belly and maple for the back, sides and scroll, has been surpassed by no other combination; even the latest technology has produced no materials which equal the acoustic and enduring qualities of this ingenious choice of woods!

Many old instruments have been carefully kept in good condition by player and restorer, so that they can still be played, while when they were new they were already played by great virtuosi such as Corelli, Vivaldi, Tartini, Viotti, etc.

Luckily, beautiful modern instruments also find their way into the hands of the soloists. If these instruments are as carefully handled by players and violin makers as the old master instruments are now, then in years to come the better modern instruments, as the "antiques of the future", will fulfil the same role the old master instruments have now.

Repairs & maintenance

The most common repairs and/or maintenance work that members of the NGV come across are:

  • Sides coming apart from belly or bottom
  • Damage because instrument has fallen or been hit
  • Drying-cracks
  • Maintenance: bridge askew, ceased pegs, polishing instrument etc.
  • Bow-hair too long
  • Loose frog on bow